AWonderfulMe is an initiative that when I really think about it, was started by my son Cameron. Pretty much since he was born he has lit a fire in me to be better, do better and do more. I would like to set an example for him and be a role model as well as someone he can aspire to be. I want him to feel good about himself, be confident, self-assured and motivated. In saying that I would like to think that we all pretty much want the same for all our kids. It’s in the beginning stages but AWonderfulMe is currently about me sharing my thoughts and life experiences as well as a perspective on fatherhood. I say currently because I would like to invite other parents to do the same if you feel inclined to.

The old adage “It Takes a Village” is something that I think is becoming lost in our society and our communities and I would just like to do my part to make my son feel like he belongs to a community. The soccer group is part of this as I believe it shows what we can do with a little bit of planning and coming together. It also shows our children that they don’t have to go outside their communities to do things and there are people who look just like mummy and daddy who can teach them new things. The fact that you as parents can join in and participate is an added bonus, that way you ensure that the messages your child is receiving are positive.

As the website grows I hope it can be a place where parents and children can share ideas, experiences and knowledge so that together we can ensure that we raise kids who can proudly say “I am a wonderful me”.

Children are born with a blank canvas, let's create a masterpiece and inspire an empowered mind for a life of infinite potential……